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Veterinary Services

The Dr. “JiLL” Fund

Founded in 2022 in celebration of Veterinary Services long standing Medical Director, Dr. Jill Sackash, The Dr. "JiLL" Fund was created to honor Dr. Jill's tradition of ensuring no animal is left without the lifesaving medical attention they need. This fund allows the Veterinary Services team to offer grants and financial assistance for the medical care of patients in critical need that were brought in by Good Samaritans or are part of a household unable to provide expensive, non-wellness care.

LOGO: A line drawing of a cat and dog with the text "The Dr. 'Jill' Fund Veterinary Services"

The Dr. "JiLL" Fund is a charitable, non-for-profit 501(c)3.

All contributions are directly deposited into the fund and 100% is used for patient medical care.

Please continue to check in as we share stories of cases that were impacted by the gift of these funds.

Contribute Now
Dr. Jill holding a dog

Thank you, Dr. Jill!

Over the years, Dr. Jill has given her time and services to clients and their pets, and this is our way of continuing that legacy at the practice she loves so much!

This fund is unique in that 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to patients in dire need when a family is faced with a heart-wrenching decision if they cannot afford treatment. Should you feel led to contribute, donations can be taken at the clinic or online at

As Dr. Jill enjoys her retirement, we will continue to hold fast to her values and dedication to the profession and our community!

Congratulations, Dr. Jill!